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NEW! Now at 3rd Eye: The Art Corner!

NEW! Now at 3rd Eye: The Art Corner!

Come see us in-store to display or view local artwork!

3rd Eye is proud to present the Art Corner!

A corner in our store for local artists of all kinds to display and sell their work!

If you’re interested in showing your work please email [email protected] for more info!

Come by and check us out any day of the week between 10am and 9pm!

3rd Eye Address



Ezzy Barnes

Ezzy is a self taught local artist with an eye for color and the beyond. Specializing in dark fantasy and surrealism, her preferred medium is acrylic paints on unique shaped canvases that addd a special dimensional quality to her work!

You can find her art on Instagram at Cranberryboggoblin


Travis Bentley Designs

Travis is a giant robot enthusiast. Primarily, however, he’s a graphic designers with a skill set that includes visual development, illustration, and tackling new challenges with passion! He intentionally creates designs that communicate an idea, thought or emotion with resonance. 

Travis cites James Gurney, Moebius and Mike Mignola as major influences on his art and creativity, as well as, classic science fiction, hobby gaming and large robots bent on destruction.

You can find Travis’s art at

Adrian’s Anomalies

Adrian is a local full time artist that has a love for oddities, furry creatures, cryptids and more. Vivid creatures from your dreams and nightmares leap off the canvas for a dynamic, captivating piece. Using a medium of acrylic these pieces have vibrancy to the point of glowing!

You can find their work Here and Here


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