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Lookah Bear: The Most Creative Cartridge Battery Yet

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Lookah Bear: The Most Creative Cartridge Battery Yet

It's impossible not to fall in love with this little Bear 510 battery by Lookah. The design is small, cute but cool, totally original, and just downright loveable. With a wide array of colors available to choose from, the smooth silicon design feels curated just for you. It's not just the drip, the battery itself has all the features you're looking for and a solid battery life. We want to share the love with a Bear battery + cartridge combo promotion!

These brand new super cute & cool Lookah Bear vape batteries are one of the most unique designs yet. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they're environmentally-friendly and made using a food grade silica gel that feels oh-so-soft and silky to the touch. For those heavy hitters, the 500mAh built-in battery has enough juice to last the whole day. Available in 9 different colors, there's a stylish Bear to suit everyone's look, vibe, mood, or style.


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This Bear's cleverly designed face is more than just cute detailing, it houses the power button as the nose with an LED light indicator between the eyes that allows you to choose between 3 pre-set voltage settings. A quick double-tap to the nose will cycle through the voltage settings: the green light is 3.2V, the blue light is 3.6V, and the purple light is 3.9V. Pressing the power button 5 times in rapid succession will power the vape on and off.


Once the Bear is powered on and set to the desired heat setting, screw in your cartridge of choice, and press the button to hit the cartridge for up to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Bear will flash 5 times and return to standby mode for your next rip. This function helps prevent overheating the device or burning the coil inside the cartridge.


If you're one of those people who is always losing everything...

Me, I am one of those people. Hi! One of those people is me!

The piercing in this Bear's ear isn't just for stylish cool credit, but it allows a lanyard to be attached so you'll always know where your little Bear buddy is at! This is a feature I desperately need.


While charging the device, the battery indicator lights located on the back of the Bear's head will pulse. As the battery is recharged, the pulsing lights will change to solid lights as the charge level reaches 100%. The LED light on the Bear's face will also pulse with a red light while charging the device. Once the device is fully charged, the Bear's face will stop pulsing and remain lit with a blue light.


42mm Length x 28.6mm Width x 80mm Height
500mAh Built-In Battery
380mA Charging Current
5.V In-Put Voltage
.7-5Ω Resistance


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