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Nectar Collectors - How to Use

Nectar Collectors - How to Use

Nectar Collectors are convenient and satisfying method of vaporizing your wax concentrates.

Believe it or not, the nectar collector wasn't around until 2011! Following a new idea born in the backwoods of Oregon, a glass artist named Kristian Merwin invented the design and revolutionized the portability of dabs for good.


The main difference between a nectar collector and a dab rig is that you're going to be heating up and dunking the NC into your wax, as opposed to dropping your wax into the rig.


A nectar collector works by heating up the straw-like tip (this is usually either glass, ceramic, or titanium) with a torch for about 15-30 seconds. Then you dip the heated tip into your concentrates jar (glass or silicone jar) and inhale slowly. Some nectar collectors come with chambers in the middle for water, giving you yet another option.


Nectar collectors help prevent waste, are very portable, and are great for sharing!


Whether you're using glass, silicone, or an electric NC, each has its benefits (and drawbacks):


For the purists, glass is always the way to go. Glass will give you the best taste from your concentrates and is the easiest to clean. Glass often looks the nicest however, as you may have experienced, glass is fragile and may not fit well in a bag with a torch.


For those traveling bumpier paths, silicone may be the best choice. Incredibly durable, still easy enough to clean, silicone often comes in bright patterns and designs too intricate for glass-on-the-go. Silicone can change the taste of concentrates and you can't use isopropyl to clean it, but it can be frozen to the point where the wax can be dislodged fairly well.


For those in public or somewhere you can't light a torch, the newest and possibly most efficient nectar collector is electric! An electric nectar collector will help you get the correct temperature every time without the need for a torch. One additional feature of the electric device is that many are dual function and are set up with a chamber in which your wax can be enclosed; this adds even more convenience, stealth, and portability to the deal. One drawback on these devices is that, though they are efficient, they are also often expensive and, as always, droppable. Luckily, most electric devices are able to be broken down and stored away for protection during travel, and many manufacturers sell replacement pieces to keep your device working for as long as possible.


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