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Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Yes! * Synthetic urine is legal to buy and own.

*With the exception of the state of Michigan (which explicitly bans the product itself)

Synthetic urine is a product formulated in a lab to mimic human urine, physically and chemically.  This is a common product and has been improved many times over the years in an effort to get closer to the real thing. An often overlooked reason for this dedication to quality is in the field of diaper research. This article in New York Times names several types of tests done on diapers, for example, including a rather important one involving synthetic urine:

“Total absorbency: First, each diaper was submerged in synthetic urine for 10 minutes, and then weighed to see how much it absorbed. The diaper was then spun in a centrifuge for one minute and reweighed. This showed how much liquid the diaper’s absorbent core can retain under force. The lab told us that this second measurement is a good estimate of how much total pee the diaper will hold during normal use.”

While most new parents probably aren’t conducting hands-on research like this at home, there are actually some to whom this would appeal. There are also many individuals with medical issues who might have trouble finding quite as much research done on adult needs.


Another reason it’s difficult to place a widespread ban on a product that contains nothing illegal is that, like it or not, sexuality is largely about freedom of expression.  There is a community and customer base for fetish and novelty urine, and who are we to judge?


Despite protest from lawmakers, synthetic urine remains legal* (*except in Michigan!) and our choice for the best product is easily Quick Fix Plus V6.3

The formula is top notch and the reviews are consistently great.


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