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Apex Mini Vaporizer: Simple and Effective

Apex Mini Vaporizer: Simple and Effective

We tried it and we loved it!

The Apex Mini is a variable voltage concentrate vaporizer recently debuted by Yocan.

The Mini is about the size of a sharpie and has been designed with being on-the-go in mind. Because this vape heats in waves, the 380mAh battery keeps its charge for longer, meaning fewer charge-ups for you, and a longer lifespan for the battery itself. This also means the Apex Mini will not allow itself to heat to the point of combustion, so you can select your voltage and relax!

The Apex Mini uses a dual quartz coil to pack a punch, and switching the coil is as simple as Twist Off, Twist On. Combine this with the newly-designed coil cap and you can get a great hit off of this device without any leakage or risk of overheating the mouthpiece.

Our favorite since the Airis MW, the Apex Mini is a small vape with a large payoff, and we are here for it!

Check Out The Apex Mini Here


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