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Jericho Roses --An Amazing Christmas Gift!

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Jericho Roses --An Amazing Christmas Gift!

There’s a mysterious dried up tumbleweed looking plant all over Tiktok and they say it can come back to life with just water?! Is it a magical plant with live giving properties? Is it a zombie plant? 

As cool as all of those options sound, this plant is actually quite common in the Chihuahuan deserts, this plant is called Selaginella lepidophylla or as its more commonly known as a Jericho Rose or Resurrection plant! This plant is a part of the spikemoss family and has been symbols of happiness, abundance, peace, power, protection and an absorber of negative energy for hundreds of years!


The Jericho Rose is a very easy plant to take care of as it doesnt need any soil, grows in water, little light, and only needs to be out of water once a week! Perfect for introducing gardening to small children, for that person who kills all their plants or the lazy plant stoner in your life! 

Using a shallow dish or bowl, fill it up with water just up to the roots or use stones/pebbles/crystals to help with oxygenation to the roots. 


Caution to cat owners this plant is poisonous to the little babies so these might not be the best option for people who have cats!


The Jericho Rose will grow 4-6 inches, takes 4-5 hours to unfurl and will turn green for as long as it is in the water. To make sure it doesn't grow any mold, take it out of the water once a week and let it dry out for 12 hours or more! If you want to store it with the holiday decorations you can, just be sure to dry it out completely and keep it in a paper bag with your decorations!


This fun, easy plant is an incredible gift and we have it for you here at Third Eye Glass and Vape! In store or online, find it here Jericho Flowers for sale


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