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Let's Talk THC-B

Let's Talk THC-B

Tetrahydrocannabutol, also called THC-B, is a relatively new cannabinoid discovered by a team of Italian scientists. This unique psychoactive cannabinoid is highly potent, providing mood-lifting euphoria, relaxation throughout the mind and body, and analgesic properties according to first-hand accounts from cannabinoid consumers.

One of the many up and coming cannabinoids, THC-B was first discovered by a team of cannabis researchers in late 2019 via the use of advanced liquid chromatography on raw plant material. This method allowed researchers to isolate a whole new slate of cannabinoids including Tetrahydrocannabutol more commonly known as THC-B.


THC-B, along with THC-P, is one of the strongest cannabinoids currently on the market, with the potency of these cannabinoids being around 30 times stronger than regular THC. With the structure of this cannabinoid having a butyl side chain as opposed to a pentyl side chain like Delta-9 THC, THC-B is better able to attach to CB1 receptors in the brain making its effects particularly potent.


As is typical with every newly discovered cannabinoid, more research into THC-B is needed, especially regarding its potential for clinical and therapeutic use. The team of researchers who discovered THC-B believe it to have an impactful potential to interact with specific cannabinoid receptors that are strongly linked to the way we feel. This proposed finding is because of the chemical structure of the cannabinoid.


This psychoactive cannabinoid has been reported to bring on positive effects of mood euphoria, pain-relief, anti-inflammation, and potentially highly effective for sleep disturbances by shortening the onset of the sleep cycle and increasing the amount of deep sleep.


The general consensus around THC-B is an experience described by many as one that stimulates the mind, providing euphoria and improving mood with a balance of relaxation throughout the body, promoting better sleep. It's important to point out that although there is a general consensus on the effects of THC-B, the way cannabinoids interact with an individuals endocannabinoid system varies from person to person, which means the way THC-B or any other cannabinoid affects you will likely differ at least slightly from the way it effects your friends. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect cannabinoid experience. With all the different cannabinoids available in isolated form and specialty blends, there is room for everyone to find what best suits their personal needs.


Have you tried THC-B? Which cannabinoid or blend is your personal favorite and why? Tell us about experiences you've had with this cannabinoid and others! 



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